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At Assurance Title & Trust, we are dedicated to ensuring that your real estate transaction, right to use transfer, structured disbursements and/or title searches proceed flawlessly from start to finish.

Assurance Title and Trust

By providing a centralized point of contact, we have streamlined the processing and closing of real estate or right to use transactions.

Current economic conditions have created a time of change and challenge for every segment of the real estate business and for those of us who serve it.

We can state with confidence that our place at the forefront of our industry remains secure.

Assurance Title & Trust operates in the fee attorney model, which means they partner with attorneys in local areas who are licensed as escrow officers to complete real estate closings.

There are many advantages to using a fee office instead of a traditional title company for your real estate closing needs. The most significant benefit is that we deal with attorneys who understand the legal significance of each document you are signing and can help you walk through every scenario which may come up in the closing process. With Assurance Title & Trust handling your closing, you won’t have to pay additional legal fees to have an attorney answer your questions and address your concerns.

Another benefit of using a fee office for your closing is the flexibility and quick turnaround time that the fee attorney model provides. Instead of waiting weeks for your title search to be completed and the commitment to be issued, you will have your commitment back in days in most cases. We are able to achieve this through advanced technology and continuous communication during the transaction process.





A trust account is a deposit of funds held for a specific purpose such as a sale or transfer of a property. It is an independent neutral account by which the interests of all parties to the transaction are protected.

When opening a trust account, the Buyer and Seller of a piece of property establish terms and conditions for the transfer of ownership of that property. These terms and conditions are given to a third party known as the trust accounts holder. The trust accounts holder has the responsibility of seeing that the terms are carried out.
The ttrust accounts holder processes the transaction in accordance with the stated instructions.

The trust accounts holder acts for both parties and protects the interests of each within the terms of the signed contract or agreement. Prior to close of the sale, the buyer deposits the funds required with the trust account holder. When all conditions required in the sale are met and all funds have been disbursed, the trust account is then considered “closed”.



At Assurance Title & Trust, professional service for every customer is important to us. No matter what size the transaction, we work tirelessly to deliver the highest quality service and the best customer satisfaction in the industry.

Our title officers are professionally trained in real estate procedures, right to use transactions, title insurance, taxes, deeds, and insurance offers ensuring each that transactions closes quickly, accurately and securely.

The Role of a Title Company in Real Estate/Right to Use Transactions

In a real estate or right to use purchase (when you are the Buyer), a trust account opens when you and the seller sign a sales contract (also known as a purchase agreement). The signed sales contract, plus any additional instructions necessary to complete the transaction, serves as the instructions for the title officer.

We are a neutral third party where all funds, documents and instructions necessary to complete the transaction can be deposited.



Title work may be ordered on line thus eliminating the need for any paperwork and faxing.


Digital electronic documents that require recording with the county recorder may be recorded electronically on line, thus eliminating the need for any original paper work or couriers.
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Assurance Title & Trust


As the selling process is in the final stages, we want to help prepare you for the closing process. Please review the following checklist in preparation for your closing.

What does “closing” mean?

The closing of your home or vacation ownership property will take place at the office Assurance Title & Trust in Riverside, CA or at a predetermined designated location. If your closing takes place away from our office, a bonded courier service will be required. The Title Officer serves as a neutral third party between all parties of the transaction and has one primary purpose- to close the transaction according to the terms of the purchase and sale agreement and the lender’s instructions.

How do I schedule my closing?

Work with your Sales Agent to establish a closing date and time. The Sales Agent will schedule the closing with your Title Officer.

Who should come to closing?

The Seller(s) must be present at closing. If arrangements need to be made for a Power of Attorney, please notify your Sales Agent well in advance of the closing.

What do I bring to closing?

Bring 2 forms of ID and a personal check (if using a local bank) or cashier’s check with the exact amount owed. If you need to wire funds to closing please check with your Sales Agent or Title Officer for the correct instructions.

How much money will I need to bring to closing?

Once the Title Officer receives the documents they will send a final closing statement to your Sales Agent within 24 hours. Your Sales Agent will review the closing statement and share with you any requirements necessary to finalize the transaction.

What will I be signing at closing?

You will be signing a number of documents for your property to be transferred that will be explained to you by your Title Officer or Bonded Courier. This paperwork is necessary for the property to be transferred from the Seller to the Buyer.

Assurance Title and Trust


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